This shop is only available for students and staff of KU Leuven Associaton

Welcome to easy-m!

As a student of the KU Leuven Association, you enjoy the following benefits:
• a 6% discount on Mac, AppleCare and Apple accessories throughout the year in all easy-m stores
• a convenient online store for KU Leuven Association students with additional discounts (3% on iPads, 8% on Mac and AppleCare and 10% on all accessories):
Moreover, easy-m offers the following advantages:
• With 22 stores in Belgium, there is probably an easy-m shop near you.
• You’re not sure which Mac suits you best? Don’t hesitate to ask for advice.
• Excellent service
Until October 19, there’s even more!
If you come to one of our stores, you can enjoy the benefits of our Back to School campaign and begin the new academic year with a headstart! Visit our website for further details:



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